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Enterprise culture is a kind of ideology, values, formation of long-term stability of the enterprise cultural values and historical traditions and unique business philosophy and style, including a unique enterprise guiding ideology, development strategy, management philosophy, values, ethics, customs and etc..



For our beautiful home - 510000000 square kilometers of the earth, let us work together!


Enterprise spirit

Environmental Science and technology experts


working attitude

Sina environmental quality qualification wise road victory!


Enterprise purpose

Continuous technical innovation and quality improvement, customer satisfaction

Principles of enterprise culture construction
  • The principle of people oriented;
  • clear guiding principle;
  • The principle of common development of enterprises and employees;
  • Taking into account the principles of history, present and future;
  • The principle of cultural integration;
  • The principle of participation; the principle of production management;
  • Individualized principle.
The purpose of enterprise culture construction
  • Through the construction of enterprise culture, we should form a community of interests of the common development of enterprises and employees, cultivate the core expertise of enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and realize the sustainable development of enterprises. Specific performance in: Establish the value system of enterprise and employee;
  • Forming a community of interests for the common development of enterprises and employees;
  • Establish a good corporate image;
  • Cultivating the core competence of the enterprise and improving the core competence of the enterprise;
  • Conditions for sustainable development of enterprises.