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Guizhou Puding second sewage treatment plant BOT project contract

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November 28, Guizhou Province, Anshun City, Puding County, the second county sewage treatment plant BOT contract signed by the Guizhou Provincial Environmental 

November 28, Guizhou Province, Anshun City, Puding County, the second county sewage treatment plant BOT contract signed by the Guizhou Provincial Environmental Engineering Assessment Center specific operation. The project covers an area of 70 acres, is expected to total investment of 125 million yuan, the project construction in two phases, the total size of 40,000 tons for processing. Among them, the first phase of the scale of processing 10,000 tons, is expected to invest 42.7 million yuan; two expansion project for the day to deal with 30,000 tons, is expected to invest 82.3 million yuan. The project is operated by BOT, and the franchise period is 29 years (including the construction period).