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Our company has a sound service guarantee system to ensure timely and thoughtful service to customers.
Jiangsu Sina environmental protection limited company in November 26, 2007 passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification, a comprehensive product design, development, production and service guarantee system, ensure to provide quality products and timely service for customers.
pre-sale service
1, according to the requirements of customer requirements and design, provide the selection of information and embedded detailed product knowledge introduction, equipment installation requirements for customers.
2, by the design engineer to provide design and consulting services, recommend the most suitable for the actual needs of customers products.
help from salespeople
1, to provide users with comprehensive technical support, to confirm the product specifications, provide the most economical and reasonable program.
2, free of charge to provide users with product knowledge training, guidance installation and maintenance methods.
3, in strict accordance with the contract delivery time delivery. Product.
after-sale service
1, the product shelf life from the equipment through the comprehensive operation of the date of acceptance of 12 months.
2, the product warranty period for free to provide customers with equipment maintenance and service, after the warranty period to do long-term provision of spare parts, and the cost of supply.
3,In our owners received telephone repair after two hours to respond, and appointed a rich experience in the maintenance field technical personnel arrived at the scene (within twelve hours, twenty-four hours outside the remote provinces, thirty-six hours to arrive at the scene repair equipment), debugging of the equipment, ensure the repair of a short period of time, to ensure the normal operation equipment.
4, after-sales service hotline:0514-85888877,0514-85888891