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Entry name Project scale
Water treatment project of square billet continuous casting machine of Steel Corp in Nigeria  
The project of the thermal power station in the joint project of the coal group and the bauxite aluminum project  
Project of 100 million coal fired power plant 1×660MW
Vietnam kind base 650kt/a alumina project  
Taiwan guantian sewage treatment plant 10 thousand tons / day
Malaysia Pantai 2 sewage treatment plant  
Angola SAMBIZNAGA project wastewater treatment plant project 1000T/D
Chittagong Karnaphuli river water supply project in Bangladesh  
Entry name Project scale
Eco-ego coal 3052 large granular urea project into the sewage treatment station project procurement package  
Songjiang small Kunshan waterworks (phase I) engineering equipment supply and part of the system installation project 200000m³/d
Xindu District tap water company third water Qiangai Waterworks Project expansion project 100 thousand tons / day
Guiyang Baiyun District second sewage treatment plant project 60 thousand tons / day
The new sewage treatment plant project phase two 250 thousand tons / day
Wastewater treatment and reuse project in Guiyang 30 thousand tons / day
Shanghai city environmental project APL two / three Xujing waterworks 200 thousand tons / day expansion project 200 thousand tons / day
Shenzhen Metro Line eleven conventional mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering Airport North (sewage treatment) project  
A project of wusheng County second sewage treatment plant 30 thousand tons / day
A project of sewage treatment plant in Shanghai Jiading Nanxiang 100 thousand tons / day
Erhai Lake sewage interception project design, procurement and construction of Dali city (EPC) general contracting 10 thousand tons / day
Fengzhen heavy chemical industry park two sewage treatment equipment supply and related services 20 thousand tons / day
Zhu Yuan depth of two plant sludge dewatering technology renovation project rectification perfect engineering  
Rehabilitation Island flood control pumping station project  
The new pump station gate door Tieli renewal project  
The upper reaches of the Huangpu River water source of Jinze reservoir reservoir perimeter fence physical procurement and related services  
Yunzao Creek pumping station storage pool facilities renovation project  
Entry name Project scale
CNOOC Grand Pacific Petrochemical Co Nissan 2500 tons of methanol project  
Chongqing iron and steel group environmental protection relocation project  
Tangshan iron and steel Limited by Share Ltd two high circulating water pump station  
The flue gas desulphurization of sintering machine engineering Limited by Share Ltd - 265m  
Shandong iron and Steel Co. Ltd. - 180m Laigang sintering machine flue gas desulfurization project  
Wastewater treatment engineering of Jiangsu excellent chemical Co., Ltd.  
Union Chemical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. 1 million tons / year alkali project  
China Petroleum North China Petrochemical Industries Co wastewater reuse project  
PetroChina Urumqi Petrochemical Co sewage treatment oil separation, air flotation + biochemical treatment EPC general contracting  
Shenhua Ningxia coal 4 million tons / year indirect coal liquefaction demonstration project  
The ninth batch of engineering auxiliary equipment lighthouse sewage treatment plant of Shenyang Coal Group Hongyang energy pithead coal gangue power plant 2×330MW
Fangchenggang Guangxi nuclear power plant sewage treatment station  
Xuzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. (large pressure small) construction lime treatment system 2×1000MW
Tianjin Junliangcheng Power Plant five big pressure on the small expansion project of heating unit 2×350MW
Shenhua Ningxia Ningdong coal chemical industry base (A) treatment and reuse project of sewage treatment project  
Huadian Xinjiang Power Generation Co. Ltd. Urumqi thermal power plant phase cogeneration advanced water treatment system engineering 2×330MW
Wastewater treatment system for flue gas desulfurization project of air cooling heat supply unit in Inner Mongolia branch of China Power Plant 1×330MW
North United Power Co., Ltd. Wuhai thermal power plant reclaimed water advanced treatment station 2×200MW
Heyuan Shenzhen Guangdong power plant project industrial wastewater treatment project 2×600MW
Deep water treatment project of Liaocheng power plant 2×600MW
Guangdong Shantou Huaneng Haimen Power Plant Industrial Wastewater Treatment Project 2×1036MW
Chengde Electric Power Co., Ltd. sewage advanced treatment system 2×330MW
Water treatment of 2 * 1250Mwe class nuclear power units in Haiyang nuclear power plant phase I project of Shandong  
Guodian Huozhou power plant pretreatment system  
Shenhua Ningxia coal industry water environment monitoring and Simulation Center dosing device procurement  
Expansion project of Fushun power plant 2×300MW
Chongqing Shenhua Wanzhou power plant new project  
Xinjiang Heng Yi Shan Wan Power Plant Phase I Project 2×660mw
Inner Mongolia Jinlian aluminum 3 million tons of aluminum magnesium alloy project  
Expansion project of 2 * 1000MW units in Anqing power plant 2×1000mw
Xinjiang third division Tumu Shuker flue gas desulfurization project  
2 x 330MW subcritical circulating fluidized bed desulfurization unit renovation project in Ningxia East Power Co. Ltd. a Howard 2×330mw
Desulfurization efficiency improvement of 2 * 1000MW Unit No. 1 in Tianjin State Power Generation Co., Ltd. 2×1000MW
Tianjin Datang International Panshan Power Generation Co. Ltd. No. 3, No. 4 unit of 2 * 600MW units desulfurization revamping project 2×600MW
Liaoning Datang International Fuxin coal natural gas Co., Ltd. coal gas project (phase I) raw water purification station and sludge system  
Lanzhou New District cogeneration project supporting heating pipe network temporary heat source desulfurization and dust removal project  
Entry name Project scale
Guangzhou Huadu District Timian town sewage treatment station project (Lianfeng village, Pu Ling village, Joint Village)  
Chongqing city Fuling District Longqiao plant sewage treatment plant project 30 thousand tons / day
Shanxi county sewage treatment plant project 15 thousand tons / day
Project of No. five ditch pump station in Shanghai  
Dehui sewage treatment plant engineering equipment procurement 30 thousand tons / day
Chongqing Shuang Fu sewage treatment plant 10000 tons / day
Technical renovation project of Qingbaijiang wastewater treatment plant 100 thousand M / day fand
Binjiang Nanjing water plant equipment procurement project 450 thousand tons / day
Yuncheng sewage treatment plant project  
South Sewage Treatment Plant Project 15 thousand tons / day
Tianjin Haihe Education Park (the park) a phase of the infrastructure project of rain and sewage pumping station pumps and related equipment  
The two phase of the first phase of the project in Nansha 100 thousand tons / day
Chongqing Fengdu water Ping Sewage Treatment Plant Project 1.60 thousand tons / day
Maitreya sewage treatment plant project 25 thousand tons / day
Anhui Province, Ma'anshan City Lake sewage treatment plant project 80000m³/d
Lingchuan Guangxi sewage treatment plant project Non-standard equipment procurement 30 thousand tons / day
Extension project of Shuangliu Dongsheng sewage treatment plant 50 thousand tons / day
Guang'an New Energy Chemical Industrial Park sewage treatment plant project 19 thousand tons / day
Guangzhou Huadu Xinhua sewage treatment plant phase two project 100 thousand tons / day
Changshou City ocean Jinghe drainage comprehensive renovation project  
Hunan city of Yongzhou Province, Xintian and Daoxian County Jiangyong sewage treatment project 20 thousand tons / day
The two phase project of water purification plant in Ji'nan high tech Zone 50000m³/d
Liaoning medium city infrastructure two project Panjin city sewage treatment plant project second 50000m fand / day
Inner Mongolia Kyrgyzstan Hulun Buir sewage treatment plant project 20 thousand tons / day
Fugu Shaanxi sewage treatment plant project 60 thousand tons / day
Jinzhou sewage treatment plant two phase of water purification project 100 thousand tons / day
The temple Xuzhou sewage treatment plant project 30000m fand / day
Huishan three sewage treatment plant project in Wuxi 25 thousand tons / day
Jinzhou municipal wastewater treatment plant reclaimed water reuse project 100 thousand tons / day
Danyang Development Zone second sewage treatment plant project 120 thousand tons / day
Factory of the four phase of the project of Wuxi North sewage treatment equipment 150 thousand tons / day
Yibin city domestic sewage treatment plant 20000 m3/d
Qinghe County Xingtai sewage pump station in Hebei  
Plant water reuse equipment procurement system of Haikou city sewage treatment flow 50000m3/d
The first phase project of Leiyang Mei Qiao sewage treatment plant 60 thousand tons / day
Nanjing Science Park sewage treatment plant two suction machine procurement project  
New construction of fifth Waterworks in Yangzhou 300000m3/d
Renovation project of Shanghai navigation low standard drainage system  
Yanan Shanghai East pumping station  
Shijiazhuang Hutuo River sewage treatment plant BOT project 70 thousand tons / day
Changping Shahe water recycling plant in Beijing 30 thousand tons / day
Yongan Xianning sewage treatment plant project complete sets of mechanical and electrical equipment procurement 60 thousand tons / day
Sihui city sewage treatment plant project phase two 20000m3/d
Jingzhou CaoShi sewage treatment plant 30000m3/d
Shanghai Jiangdong really pumping station  
Mengzi Shanghai Road pumping station  
Shanghai Dayang Bridge Pumping Station  
Shanghai nursery rain pump station project  
Luxi River sewage treatment plant 20000m3/d
Shanghai Daguang complex sewage pumping stations  
World Expo Shanghai South Terminal sewage pump station  
Shanghai Expo after the beach sewage pump station  
World Expo Shanghai Pu Ming rain sewage pumping station  
World Expo Shanghai pipe rain sewage pump station  
The first phase of construction project of Ji'nan water purification three factory 100 thousand tons / day
Phosphorus removal in Anning sewage treatment plant 200000m3/d
Chenggong new area seven area sewage treatment plant 5000m3/d
Shandong city of Wendeng province Ge town sewage treatment plant project  
Yiling sluice reinforcement project steel gate and embedded parts and production  
The two phase project of Shenzhen foreign sewage treatment plant  
The depth of water treatment project of Shanxi Shanyin regeneration  
Changxing Island pumping station project in Shanghai  
Guangxi Qinzhou port SembCorp sewage treatment plant equipment procurement 15 thousand tons / day
Reconstruction project of emergency treatment in Shenzhen Guanlan River 400 thousand tons / day
Sewage treatment project of Hunan chemical industry base  
Suining county sewage treatment plant phase two project 20 thousand tons / day
Demonstration project of the first water plant renovation in Huainan 25 thousand m3/d
Zunyi Qingshan Waterworks 100 thousand tons / day
Huidong Daling (industrial transfer Industrial Park) sewage treatment plant 60 thousand tons / day
The first phase project of Huangyan wastewater treatment plant 60 thousand tons / day
Jianli Sanshui plant equipment procurement project 50 thousand tons / day
Yangzhou city utta ditch floodway Engineering East Gate Project  
Phoenix Lake sewage treatment plant in Yongchuan 25 thousand M fand /d
Jiaozhou Binhai New Area sewage treatment plant project 80 thousand tons / day
Yulin Wang Gedu reservoir water supply project water purification plant 400 thousand m3/d
Pujiang water supply company two waterworks (12) 60 thousand tons / day
Quzhou sewage treatment plant two phase project sewage treatment equipment procurement 50 thousand m3/d
The first phase of three sewage treatment plants in Shenyang 20 thousand tons / day
Yu Industrial Park Water God industrial zone water supply plant engineering equipment procurement project 400 thousand tons / day
Sewage treatment plant project in Puyang City 50 thousand tons / day
Xinqiao Industrial Park Sichuan Guang'an water supply project  
Mengcheng county sewage treatment plant phase I Project  
Disney rain pump station project  
Qinghe County Xingtai city (West) sewage pumping station  
The first phase project of Dongtai high tech Zone Wastewater Treatment Plant in Jiangsu  
Shenhua Ningxia coal Zaoquan mine sewage pumping station project  
Suining Chengnan Waterworks Project in Sichuan 100 thousand tons / day
Baoshan District Mohe County rain water pumping station supporting project  
Shanghai City Bailonggang wastewater treatment plant reclaimed water treatment  
Yongzhou two sewage treatment plant under the river line  
Shanghai city sewage treatment line in Bailonggang trunk improvement project (East trunk line) SST3.1 southeast sewage pumping station  
Shanghai city sewage treatment line in Bailonggang trunk improvement project (East trunk line) Shenjiang South Sewage Pumping Station  
Shanghai city sewage treatment line in Bailonggang trunk improvement project (East trunk line) SST3.1 Tang Road sewage pumping station  
Two Guanlan Xikeng water (150 thousand m3/d) expansion project 150 thousand m3/d
Jiangxi Nancheng Industrial Park sewage treatment plant project  
Ganyu Dongfang water purification factory  
Sewage treatment plant project of Jiangxi North Industrial Park  
Anning City, central city, new sewage treatment plant engineering 25 thousand tons / day
Zhoushan Dinghai sewage treatment plant renovation project to enhance the pumping station  
Yancheng City Chengdong three Waterworks 100 thousand M3/d
The upgrade project of Lu'an city north of the city sewage treatment plant  
Funing County ditch town sewage treatment project  
Extension of water reuse system in Jingbian energy and chemical projects  
Zhu Ao Waterworks Project in Shenzhen  
Xiangtan Jiuhua sewage treatment project  
Lu'an Fenghuang bridge sewage treatment plant  
East Sewage Treatment Plant  
Chen-pao Island Heilongjiang pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd Jixi branch sewage treatment station project  
Yulin Shaanxi hi tech Zone water supply factory  
Xinfeng Jiangxi Industrial Park sewage treatment plant  
Shahe Jiangxi Industrial Park West sewage treatment plant  
Guang'an city Feng He Zhen sewage treatment plant 10 thousand tons / day
The upgrade project of Beijing water sewage treatment plant 180 thousand tons / day
Guang'an Sichuan Waterworks Project  
Datong Shanxi sewage treatment plant project  
The first phase project of Haian County North River sewage treatment plant  
The three phase of the project Dinghai sewage treatment plant of Zhoushan City 20 thousand tons / day
Zhoushan Mao Mao sewage plant renovation project  
Sewage treatment plant project Chen Hu Zhen Boxing County  
Zhuhai Qianshan water purification plant project (underground sewage treatment plant) 100 thousand tons / day
Henan Shuanghui group of 10000 tons / day sewage treatment project 10000 tons / day
Hui Sheng (Nanjing) clean energy Limited by Share Ltd 35 thousand tons / year of hydrogen expansion project  
Tianjin Yingli new energy waste acid treatment, fluoride wastewater treatment and organic wastewater treatment project  
COFCO the Yellow Sea grain and oil industry (Shandong) Co., Ltd. 4000T/D soy protein project  
Anning City second sewage treatment plant project  
Project by Yantai Fushan District Fuk new town Industrial Park, water resources  
Sewage treatment project in Guiyang 30 thousand tons / day
Guiyang Niu Lang Guan sewage treatment project 20 thousand tons / day
Shaodong county sewage treatment plant phase two project 80 thousand tons / day
Changan New District sewage treatment plant and supporting pipe network project in Dongguan  
Dongguan City, Sha Tang in two sewage treatment plants and supporting pipe network project  
Wenchang city Qinglan water three phase expansion project equipment procurement bid 1