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Fiber turntable filter

Fiber turntable filter
The equipment can be widely used in various types of sewage treatment plant effluent quality from the first B upgrade to a standard A process, the suspended matter content from 20mg / L down to 10mg / L below, total phosphorus from 1mg / L down To 0.5mg / L below, the indicators fully meet the national emission standards.
(1) water quality is good and stable.
(2) design novel, impact resistance load.
(3) equipment is simple and compact, less ancillary equipment, the entire filter system investment is low.
(4) equipment idle rate is low, the total installed power is low.
(5) running the automation, so the operation and maintenance is simple and convenient.
(6) head loss is much smaller than sand filter.
(7) covers an area much smaller than other filters.
(8) filter cloth turntable filter than the pellet filter easy to install.
(9) design cycle and short construction period.
(10) low endurance requirements on the ground, less investment in equipment foundation. Especially for the upgrading of the sewage treatment plant has been built, you can make the water from the first B to a level A.
working principle:
Raw water into the filter by the baffle energy dissipation, through the fixed in the bracket on the microporous filter cloth, solid suspended solids were trapped in the filter cloth outside, the filtrate collected through the hollow tube, gravity flow through the overflow tank discharge filter. In the filter, the sludge adsorbed on the outside of the filter cloth, gradually forming the sludge layer, with the filter cloth on the accumulation of sludge, filter cloth filter resistance increases, the liquid level gradually increased, when the liquid level rose to the set value, PLC at the same time open the anti-suction pump and transmission device, the disc rotation process, fixed to the outside of the filter cloth scraper and filter cloth surface friction, scraping the surface of the filter cloth sludge, while the disk of water from the inside out Suction, cleaning filter cloth in the pores of the sludge, the bottom of the mud pipe, set by time, by the PLC automatically open the sludge pump will be discharged from the sludge.
Operation mode:
The operating status of the fiber turntable filter includes static filtration process, negative pressure cleaning process, sludge discharge process.
(1) static filtration process: sewage gravity flow into the filter, the filter is equipped with baffle energy dissipation facilities. The sewage is filtered through a filter cloth, the filtrate is collected through a hollow tube, and the gravity flow is discharged through the overflow tank. The whole process is continuous.
 (2) negative pressure cleaning process: filter part of the sludge adsorption on the outside of the filter cloth, and gradually form a sludge layer. With the accumulation of sludge on the filter cloth, filter cloth filter resistance increases, the filter water level gradually increased. The height of the water level in the tank is measured by means of a pressure measuring device. When the water level reaches the cleaning setpoint (high water level), the PLC can start the anti-suction pump and start the cleaning process. When cleaning, the filter can be continuously filtered. During the filtration, the filter plate is in a static state and is conducive to the sediment deposition of the sludge. During cleaning, the filter disc rotates at 1 rpm. Suction pump negative pressure suction filter cloth surface, suction filter cloth on the accumulation of sludge particles, the filter plate of water is sucked at the same time, the water from the inside out of the filter cloth from the cleaning effect, and discharged from the washed water The The pumping area accounts for only 1% of the total filter area. The cleaning process is intermittent.
(3) sludge discharge process: fiber turntable filter tray under the bucket with a bottom, is conducive to the collection of sludge at the pool. Sludge sedimentation at the bottom of the sludge reduces the amount of sludge on the filter cloth, extending the filtration time and reducing the amount of water used for cleaning. After a set period of time, the PLC starts the sludge pump and returns the sludge to the sewage pretreatment through the pond piping. 
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