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Fuxi River in Sichuan Zigong section pollution control program introduced

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Fuxi River Basin pollution is serious, the Sichuan Provincial Government requires focus on the treatment of small watershed.
      Fuxi River Basin pollution is serious, the Sichuan Provincial Government requires focus on the treatment of small watershed. Reporters on December 12 from the Sichuan Provincial Environmental Protection Department was informed that the "Fuxi River Basin (Zigong) water pollution comprehensive implementation plan (2012-2014)" recently introduced, will take to improve the sewage treatment facilities, industrial pollution control, agricultural non-point source pollution Governance and other measures to improve the Fuxi River water quality, strict restrictions on high water consumption industry access.
       Fuxi River Basin will be comprehensive management along the river medical, catering, accommodation, health, beauty, farm music waste, strengthen river bank garbage and river debris floating salvage. By the end of 2013, the Fuxi River Basin will carry out "farmhouse" special inspection of sewage, all farmers should build a sufficient volume of music marsh pool, biogas slurry and manure do farm manure, shall not be discharged. The implementation of the Fuxi River Basin delineation of the forbidden area, restricted area, should be raised area provisions, Fuxi River, Xu River (Zigong section), Weiyuan River (Zigong section) and drinking water within 200 meters outside the waters Of the scale of livestock and poultry breeding will be banned.
        Fuxi River Basin will also promote ecological water projects, speed up the construction of Xiaojinggou Reservoir, Beaver Foothill Reservoir, Xiangjiaba Zigong irrigation area and other water development projects, to increase the Fuxi River Basin ecological water supply. Through the multiple measures simultaneously, so that the Fuxi River Basin to achieve "3 years to eliminate poor Ⅴ class of water, 5 years to reach the water environment functional area water quality standards" target.