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Type SPLS,XPLW Flat Grate,Grid


Type SPLS,XPLW Flat Grate,Grid 
Generally located in front of the inlet, used to block the flow of water plants, flowers and other debris (generally known as dirt) of the frame-type structure. The trash rack consists of a frame, a diaphragm and a bar (working net), and is generally made of steel. The spacing of the bars depends on the size of the dirt, the number of applications and the requirements. The spacing of the grid used in the hydropower station depends on the type and size of the turbine to ensure that the dirt through the trash can not be stuck in the turbine overcurrent component. Discharge tunnels and drain holes are generally not equipped with trash cans, such as hole diameter or aperture is not large, and Shen wood more need to set, the bar (work network) spacing should be increased. Trash rack load, in addition to their own weight, the main dirt is blocked, before and after the grid due to water level difference between the formation of water load, generally by 2 ~ 4m head to consider. The size of the trumpet gate is determined by the cross-gate flow and the allowable cross-gate flow rate. In order to reduce the head loss and easy to clean, the general requirements of the gate flow rate of not more than 1.0m / s or so. Trash can be made of fixed or can be lifted in two ways.
1, the main structure
Flat grille mainly frame, grille and other components, according to the civil needs can also be equipped with gate.
The frame is welded by steel, and the frame structure can ensure that the grid is working normally when the water level difference is less than 1m.
The bar (work net)
The corner of the surface of the water at the corner made of circular arc, the surface is smooth, you can easily intercept dirt, and easy to remove, to prevent the floating objects in the water adhesion is not smooth on the surface of the water is difficult to clear. The grille is securely mounted, evenly arranged, parallel to each other, and the grid is flat.
Work network made of stainless steel wire weaving, mainly on the slag to intercept.
The gate is made of steel plate and has a certain strength and rigidity to ensure that it is not deformed in use
2, the working principle
 Flat grille for the water supply project to take place, to intercept large floating objects, to protect the subsequent operation of the normal operation of the structure
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