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Type XSGY Movable Grate Cleaner


Type XSGY Movable Grate Cleaner

Ground track-type mobile grille decontamination is mainly used for water conservancy, power plants, metallurgy and municipal water treatment projects such as water intake or half-way pumping station to intercept and remove water in the water plants and aquatic organisms, as well as industrial and agricultural and urban sewage In the garbage and waste, to meet the requirements of the normal operation of follow-up equipment.
The ground track type moving grille decontamination machine is suitable for use in the case of multiple flat grilles or ultra-wide gratings, which are generally used for medium and coarse gratings.
Grille machines are usually arranged on the same line or arc, the grid host in the track to move and locate, to replace a multi-machine machine, followed by orderly one by one decontamination.
Its characteristics:
The structural design of the machine is reasonable, the layout is compact and the area is small.
A multi-slot cleaning machine, less investment, cleaning effect is good, smooth and reliable operation, accurate positioning;
Clean up the area, fishing residue thoroughly, even after decaying mud or mud;
Underwater no transmission parts, easy maintenance simple;
The device has a limit and over torque protection device, the use of safe and reliable;
The structure is firm and can withstand large water level difference.
The operation of the grid can be run intermittently according to the set time, but also according to the grid before and after the water level automatic control;
If fully used in conjunction with conveyors or presses, fully automatic operation is possible.
2, the working principle
The mobile frame of the ground track type moving grille defibrator is arranged on a set of rails on the top of the tank, and the running wheel is arranged under the frame, and the traveling wheel is driven on the rail by the traveling motor drive frame and can be automatically or according to the set The program is positioned accurately in any position. After the positioning, the grille decontamination machine will automatically under the rake, rake, interception up, unloading, Zhang rake and a series of clean-up work, the number of clean-up can be based on the amount of dirt in the warehouse wells by the PLC or time Set the frequency of their work, when the first warehouse after the completion of the decontamination of the decontamination machine automatically moved to the second warehouse to carry out the above work to complete the clean-up work within the position, the grid decontamination machine back to the initial position to wait for the next Work instructions.


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