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Type XSG Three Cable Grid Sewage-removing Maching

Type XSG Three Cable Grid Sewage-removing Maching
XSG wire traction grille decontamination machine (also known as three cable grille decontamination machine) is generally used for deep depth, the width of not more than 4m channels, are coarse grille, bar gap is large, generally 20 ~ 100mm; when the channel width is greater than 4m, you can use the mobile wire traction grinder.
XSG-type grille machine with three wire rope, of which two wire rope in the lift motor driven by the rake slowly and steadily raised to the discharge port position, the other one in the middle of the wire rope driven by the raking machine will rafting fork, And with the decontamination putter to remove the slag, decontamination discharge capacity is better.
Its characteristics:
Applicable to a wide range of up to 4.0m, the maximum depth of up to 30.0m;
The amount of slag, a slag up to 300kg or more, or even fishing sediment sedimentation, scraper with slag, the effect is good;
Easy to damage, underwater no moving parts, easy maintenance;
With overload protection, safe and reliable operation;
The operation of the grid machine can be run according to the set time, can also be based on the grid before and after the water level automatic control operation.
working principle
The decontamination rake bucket is in the open position and descends to the bottom along the track, under the action of the control part, completes the rake, will intercept the slag, debris and so on into the rake, and then lift the action, so that the rake bucket up, To the slag mouth with a decontamination putter to discharge the gate residue, rake bucket to stop up and open, complete an action cycle. Waiting for the next cycle of the action command; or according to the PLC control signal continuous operation. 
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