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Model XZDQY Mobile Grabbing Bucker Screen

Model XZDQY Mobile Grabbing Bucker Screen
XZDQY mobile grapple automatic cleaning machine that grapple grille is generally used for urban sewage plant rough grille into the pump room, municipal engineering large rain pump station, water conservancy and hydropower project water intake, used to capture sewage or raw water relative Larger floating suspended solids. Is the current environmental protection and drainage machinery and equipment in a more advanced in the coarse grid equipment.
• Set of slag, slag in one, full function.
• Small footprint, saving investment.
• Low power consumption and energy savings.
• Underwater power and fragile parts, reliable use, less maintenance, easy maintenance.
• Low hydraulic power noise for urban use.
• Strong workload (one can remove 250-3000Kg of waste at a time).
• Wide range of services (grid gap can be selected between 12-200mm, the maximum depth of drainage wells up to 50m).
• The fishing parts are made of stainless steel net.
• When the jaws are open, they can grab all kinds of rubbish, including trunks, oil drums, weeds and plastic sheets.
• A cleaning machine can handle garbage from multiple flatbed grills, or multiple refuse dump areas.
• Control to meet the mechanical and electrical integration, a high degree of automation (also according to user needs to achieve intelligent control requirements)
• Compared to traditional conventional multi-turn grille, odor emissions are small and environmentally friendly.
• The structure is compact and elegant.
working principle
A trolley is arranged along the top of the pool, and there is a wire rope reel under which the hydraulic gripper can be opened and closed. The grapple descends along the pool to grab the garbage or floating objects in the water. The hydraulic hose, which follows the wire rope, moves the hydraulic station to control the opening and closing of the grab. Grab grab catch rake rose to the top of the pool, the car moved to the garbage bucket position, grab the rake rake unloading slag. And so on with the next capture instructions. The process of catching the program can be programmed by PLC to arbitrarily set.

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