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Type XKBG into the flow of fine grille decontamination machine

Type XKBG into the flow of fine grille decontamination machine
The XKBG Intrusion Line (Film) grille decontamination machine is placed on the coarse grille decontamination machine in the sewage treatment plant inlet or directly placed in the front end of the MBR membrane to remove various solid particles, floats, hair fibers Etc., to ensure the normal operation of the follow-up equipment. Mainly used in sewage pretreatment or MBR film processing technology.
Closed traction chain and the equipment on both sides of the guide rail to form a closed transmission chain, to prevent the debris into the traction chain stuck, smooth and reliable operation.
The equipment above the channel is completely enclosed with a cover, with a removable inspection cover for easy collection of odor.
Simple operation, low failure rate, compared with the rake lattice wearing parts greatly reduced, long service life.
The slag is clean and thorough, no winding phenomenon, which greatly improves the filtration efficiency.
Smooth operation, low noise; rotating parts light, low energy consumption.
Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.
working principle
Intra-flow fine (membrane) grille decontamination machine, sewage from the middle of the orifice-type fine grille into the middle, from the inside out through the openings on both sides of the hole plate discharge, garbage is intertwined by the screen when the water level rises to the set level When the screen drive motor work, interception in the internal gate with the opening of the gate plate to enhance the transfer to the upper slag discharge area, the slag to rely on self-weight and cleaning brush and pressure flush water into the grid slag in the joint role. And through the chute or conveyor sent to the high drainage press, complete the delivery, dehydration, pressing process. And the grid plate is also rinsed clean into the next working cycle.
The cleaning brush is set at the starting point of the return screen of the screen, driven by the single speed reduction motor. At the same time, the outer surface of the screen is refreshed and cleaned, and the cleaning bristles are made of nylon material.
If the stencil is still sticking on the top of the stencil after discharge, the pressurized water sprayed from the flushing device provided between the front and rear filters is completely removed and the clogging of the mesh is eliminated.
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