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Type XWG grid ladder grille

Type XWG grid ladder grille
XWG-type stencil grille placed in the sewage treatment plant after the entrance of the coarse grille decontamination machine or directly placed in the intake channel to intercept a variety of solid floating in the channel to ensure the normal operation of follow-up equipment. Is a continuous and effective screening of solid suspended solids in water equipment. Mainly used in sewage pretreatment or industrial sieving process.
Plate network chain formed by the filter effect is good, decontamination thoroughly.
Simple operation, low failure rate, compared with the rake lattice wearing parts greatly reduced, long service life.
The slag is clean and thorough, no winding phenomenon, which greatly improves the filtration efficiency.
Smooth operation, low noise; rotating parts light, low energy consumption.
Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance
working principle
XWG-type stencil grille made of stainless steel special ladder mesh plate and the chain assembled into a retaining grid. Driven by the drive device, the plate network chain in the track from bottom to top movement, the interception of solid floating objects removed from the water, transported to the slag mouth, the plate chain began to flip, so that debris rely on gravity off, and Set the cleaning mechanism (reverse roller brush, reliable filter cleaning) in the discharge section, clean the dirt in the plate net chain.
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