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Type XXLC Rotational Folw Sand Settler

Type XXLC Rotational Folw Sand Settler
XXLC-type swirl saggers are generally used in fine-grained grit chamber (bell-type grit chamber) of sewage treatment plants to separate larger inorganic particles from sewage.
Generally use more air pump to mention sand or pump.
It has the advantages of low energy consumption, small footprint, investment saving, advanced technology, easy maintenance management and so on. It is in the leading domestic level and can replace foreign countries. Similar products.
Its characteristics:
Institutional design is reasonable and compact, small footprint, low investment, low failure rate, easy maintenance and use;
The effect of sedimentation is affected by the change of water quantity.
Sand and water separation effect is good, the separation of sand moisture content is low, less organic matter, easy to transport;
The system uses PLC automatic control sand washing, sand discharge cycle, safe and reliable operation;
Easy to operate, simple maintenance, long operating life;
The impact on the surrounding environment is very small, good health conditions.
working principle
The sewage at a certain flow rate tangential into the cyclone dehumidification pool, sand in the centrifugal force and gravity, along the cylindrical pool wall rotation was spiral to accelerate the decline in the sewage through the slope of the rotation of the blade, the sand poured into the wall, Through a pool with a certain degree of slope down to set the sand bucket.
The sand is sandwiched by the air pump, the organic matter on the sand surface is stripped from the sand, the organic matter is returned to the sewage, the sand is lifted by the blower, and the discharged sand and water mixture is further separated by the sand and water separator to be discharged Sand and sewage separation, reduce the amount of sand in the sewage.
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