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Type XHXS Bridge Style Sand Settler

Type XHXS Bridge Style Sand Settler
Bridge sand suction machine is mainly used for sewage treatment plant advection grit chamber, remove the grit chamber bottom of the grit. Suction sand on the rails along the length of the direction of the grit chamber back and forth movement, the machine suction sand pump to the bottom of the sand and water mixture sucked out to the ditch, into the ancillary equipment (sand and water separator) to separate, The main difference between the function of the bridge is that the sandblasting machine can be used to set the skid plate to scrape the scum on the surface of the pool.
Suction sand pump is divided into gas-type, submersible sewage pump and dry pump three forms
Its characteristics:
Processing capacity, advanced technology, simple structure.
? With no clogging submersible sewage pump suction sand, safe and reliable.
The drive is synchronized and running smoothly.
Simple operation and easy maintenance
working principle
The sewage enters the advection sedimentation tank at a certain flow rate. As the flow rate decreases, the sand in the sewage is deposited on the bottom of the tank under its own gravity. The sand is installed on the top of the pond. Walk back and forth, the machine suction sand pump to the bottom of the sand and sand mixture and suction through the sand (usually concrete structure) into the sand and water separator for further sand and water separation, while skimming device on the water surface of the scum scraping Pool at the end of the slag.
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