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Type XSF、XLCF Spiral Sand(Coarse Granule)Separator

Type XSF、XLCF Spiral Sand(Coarse Granule)Separator
XSF type sand and water separator belongs to the desalination system in the matching equipment. The sand and water mixture separated by the sedimentation system is further separated by sand and water using the principle of gravity sedimentation. The use of fully enclosed structure, small footprint, high separation efficiency, is an ideal sand and water separation equipment. Mainly used in municipal sewage treatment plant fine grid grit chamber.
Its characteristics:
No shaft screw conveyor, no underwater bearings, light weight, easy maintenance;
The use of the latest shaft mounted reducer, high transmission efficiency, compact structure, smooth operation, easy installation;
U-shaped slot lining shock-absorbing wear-resistant lining, low noise, easy to replace;
The machine is simple to install, easy to operate;
Fully enclosed structure, small footprint, high separation efficiency, environmental health.
working principle
The sand and water mixture enters the sand water separator from the feed inlet and forms a constant volume of water in the sand and water separation tank. The sand is gathered at the bottom and is driven by the slow rotation of the shaftless helix. The sand is moved upwards at a certain inclination Leaving the water, the sand pushed to the outlet, the sand in the process of leaving the water for further dehydration, the upper water from the sand separation tank overflow port discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of sand and water separation.
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