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Type XSBQ、XPE Vertical Aerator with Paddle for Surface

Type XSBQ、XPE Vertical Aerator with Paddle for Surface
Vertical impeller surface exposure machine is mainly used in the sewage treatment plant oxidation process in the aeration tank, a vertical surface aeration machine. Its role is to oxygen in the sewage, so that the sewage and oxygen fully mixed contact to complete the biochemical process. Aeration machine also applies to water oxygenation process.
Its characteristics:
Driving motor reducer direct drive transmission spindle, power transmission efficiency, smooth transmission, low noise, long life.
Small footprint, saving investment costs
Impeller with a unique structure, high oxygen efficiency.
working principle
The impeller located at a certain depth below the surface of the aeration tank is rotated by the transmission and the sewage is strongly agitated. The eddy current causes the sewage to be sucked into the inlet through the impeller. , Resulting in full contact with sewage and the atmosphere, the air in the oxygen and thus a large number of dissolved in the sewage to complete the oxygenation.
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