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Type XZPQ、XZSQ Horizontal Aerator with Revolving Tray(Brush) for Surface

Type XZPQ、XZSQ Horizontal Aerator with Revolving Tray(Brush) for Surface
XZPQ turntable (brush) aeration machine is the sewage treatment plant oxidation ditch in the key equipment, is a horizontal shaft surface aeration machine. Its role is to oxygen in the sewage, to promote the flow of sewage in the oxidation ditch circulation and to prevent the active sludge sedimentation, so that the sewage and oxygen fully mixed contact to complete the biochemical process. Turntable aerator is also suitable for water oxygenation process.
Its characteristics:
Driving motor reducer direct drive transmission spindle, power transmission efficiency, smooth transmission, low noise, long life.
Special couplings and aligning bearings can be adapted to free deflection changes.
The number of discs per meter can be adjusted according to the process requirements, as well as power matching.
Left and right shaft set, but also double out of the shaft, the application of flexible.
Disc with torsion, sprinkler, oxygen storage ditch and other structures, high efficiency of oxygen.
working principle
Turntable (brush) in the drive mechanism driven by the rapid rotation, the air into the water, the formation of numerous small bubbles, so that air and water fully integrated to achieve the purpose of oxygenation. In the role of the baffle to promote the flow of water to promote the role of power.
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