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Type XHJ Series Agitator



Type XHJ Series Agitator
Mixers are mainly used for large and medium-sized water plants or sewage plants in the coagulant and other agents dissolved, and in the pool or the container within the different proportion of organic or inorganic liquid mixing.
XHJ-type flat-paddle paddle flow characteristics for the radial flow, generally suitable for ordinary solution mixing, usually set the pool flow plate, baffle, and the depth of the pool is not deep occasions.
XZJ-type flap paddle has both radial flow and circumferential flow characteristics. It is generally used in situations where the depth of water is deep, and it is usually required to set the baffle plate.
XTJ propeller water flow characteristics for the axial flow type, for deep pool deep occasions, the general configuration guide tube, most of the sludge digestion tank for mixing and upflow.
Its characteristics:
The shape of the blade to adapt to the water required for a variety of flow, can adapt to different process requirements;
Product range, can adapt to a variety of pharmaceutical dissolved or mixed;
Drive mechanism and transmission parts located in the pool, easy maintenance and maintenance;
Underwater bearings use alloy or composite self-lubricating bearings, no maintenance;

Simple structure, easy installation.

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