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Type XFJ Coagulation Agitator

Type XFJ Coagulation Agitator
XFJ-type reaction mixer (also known as box-type mixer) is generally applicable to the water plant (municipal sewage treatment plant) flocculation reaction tank, to promote the smaller particles of water collide, adsorption and gradually formed a certain size of alum When the water into the sedimentation tank so that most of the alum flowers trapped in the sedimentation tank.
The agitation intensity and the stirring time are the key to determine the flocculation effect.The flocculation strength (ie, the stirring speed gradient G) decreases step by step, and the linear velocity at the center of the blade is gradually slowed down, and there is enough stirring Time to complete the flocculation process.
Flocculation mixer can meet the requirements of flocculation law, so that the flocculation process with different mixing strength, can be suitable for water and water temperature changes, the advantages of small head damage, the pool structure is simple, plus energy combination easily.
Flocculation mixer set stepless speed adjustment with the water, raw water turbidity and dosage changes and adjust the mixing strength, to achieve a satisfactory flocculation effect, saving the amount of pharmaceuticals.
Its characteristics:
Easy to operate, reliable operation;
The head loss is small, the cell body structure is simple;
Water lubricated bearings durable, reliable sealing;
Running slow, low noise.
working principle
By the motor reducer through the coupling drive the stirring shaft and paddle rotation, to promote the water in the colloidal particles collide, adsorption and gradually formed a certain size of alum, so that the water into the sedimentation tank when the vast majority of alum Trapped in the sedimentation tank.
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