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Type XSQJ Hyperboloid Agitator

Type XSQJ Hyperboloid Agitator
XSQJ hyperboloid mixer is the company to introduce advanced production technology at home and abroad, using a unique impeller mechanism design, the maximum fluid characteristics and mechanical movement perfect combination.
Mainly used for environmental protection, chemical, energy and other industries need to liquid solid, liquid, gas mixing mix of places, especially for sewage treatment process in the coagulation pool, regulating pool, anaerobic pool, nitrification tank.
Its characteristics
Three-dimensional spiral flow, no stirring dead angle -------- efficient
Large specific surface area impeller, equipped with low power -------- energy saving
Easy to operate, reliable operation ---------------- will be
working principle
XSQJ double-surface mixer impeller in the splashing double-arc surface are equipped with eight guide vane, with the liquid self-weight to add water to obtain the potential energy and impeller rotation generated by the centrifugal force to form kinetic energy, the liquid under the conditions of gravity acceleration Circumferential direction for tangential movement, in the reaction of the wall under the wall, the formation of a careful ah on the circulation of water, it can be obtained axial and radial cross flow. It is precisely because of the structural characteristics of the hyperboloid impeller and the characteristics of the installation near the bottom of the pool, it is determined in the work of the ideal mixing effect, can effectively eliminate the dead ends.
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