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Type XJY Chemical Feeder

Type XJY Chemical Feeder
Complete sets of dosing device is a chemical water treatment dosing equipment, has been in the domestic and international power, steel, municipal and other fields of water treatment widely used. It is the metering pump, dissolved medicine box, control system and pipeline valves and all other equipment, components installed in the same base platform, set dry powder dosing, concentration ratio, stirring dissolved, metering and other functional units in one, With a compact structure, small footprint and easy to transport and installation features.
Product structure Modular design, integrated combination, can be easily carried out capacity and function expansion.
Mixing evenly and with high efficiency
Dosing concentration (in addition to polypropylene and other agents, usually 5 to 20%) and dosage can be manually determined to meet the technological requirements.
Space is small, simple and easy to operate, easy to install and easy to maintain.
working principle
Dry powder (or water) and raw water into the mixing tank with a certain ratio, in the role of the mixer under the full mixing with the water dissolved, dissolved solution into the solution tank to further mature, through the metering pump to achieve quantitative timing dosing.
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