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Type XPS Decanter

Type XPS Decanter
XPS type decanter is SBR method, CASS method, ICEAS method and other sewage treatment process commonly used in key machinery and equipment, it can be in the drainage stage with the water level changes automatically lift, the treated supernatant from the surface excluded. And the surface scum is effectively trapped in the reaction tank.
Its characteristics:
Decanter depth is large, the maximum up to 3.0m;
Decanter water is large, the decanter weir can be made up to 20.0m;
The use of uniform decanter water, fast return mode of work, reliable;
Decanter water is stable, will not disturb the precipitation of sludge;
Decanter weir with a scum baffle, decanter at the same time will not bring out scum;
Can be made according to different needs into the left water, right water or double water structure, in various forms;
Drive and drive part of the pool, easy maintenance and maintenance.
working principle
The decanter is usually stopped at the top of the tank's highest water level.
Decanter in the set time, through the motor, reducer, putter will decanter weir down to below the surface, then the level switch to provide the signal, began to decanter decanter, while the role of water buoyancy, the buoy The slag is pushed and the scum is pushed and the supernatant enters the weir and begins to decanter and is discharged from the tank through the horizontal rotary drain, and the surface of the tank descends smoothly until it decides to the set water level (time) Return, so that the weir back to the initial position to stop, that is, to complete a decanter cycle, waiting for the next instruction.
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