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XZXG、XNZS、XNZ Scraper and Concentrator by Central Transmission

XZXG、XNZS、XNZ Scraper and Concentrator by Central Transmission
 Central transmission scraper, thicker used for municipal, petrochemical, paper, steel and other industries sewage treatment works, generally applicable to the smaller diameter of the pool of a variety of circular concentrated pool at the end of mud, the normal center of the water Center mud around the water.
Sewage from the pool center of the water, the sludge to the surrounding amplitude of the precipitation, the supernatant collected by the surrounding catchment, concentrator will be scattered into the center of the sediment sludge pond discharged from the pool.
Generally use large torque transmission, transmission is stable and reliable;
Scraper angle adjustable to accommodate different slope of the pool type, and can be manually raised rake;
Function can be extended, such as the addition of torque control indicator and automatic rake institutions;
The scraper is made of rubber composite structure,
Simple structure, easy to install and use.
working principle
Sewage with a certain flow rate through the center of the steady flow into the sedimentation tank, with the flow rate decreases, the sewage in the inert and activated sludge settling in the bottom, the concentrator drive mechanism to drive the arm rotation, fixed on the scraping arm scraper The mud from the pool gradually scraped to the center of the pool set mud bucket, installed in the scraping arm on the concentrated bar with the operation, to speed up the sludge settling. Sludge in their own water pressure (or water pump) under the action of the discharge from the pool, through the water weir plate into the next process, in order to achieve the role of removal of sewage sludge.
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