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Type XHJG Trussed Mud-Scraper

Type XHJG Trussed Mud-Scraper
XHJG-type truss scraper is generally used for sewage treatment works, water supply and drainage works in the advection pool. Scraper with reciprocating action, the bottom of the sediment sludge to the end of a set of mud pit row, the other end of the water into the water, the end of the pool with mud pit slot. Gauge is generally about 4-25m, when the pool width is large, can be made into a multi-pool combined with the middle support structure.
When the upper part of the water surface scraping oil or scraping device and XGYZ-type scraper scraper structure and function similar.
Its characteristics:
The hinge-type scraper can be automatically drawn in layers, no card group;
Can use the variable speed transmission mechanism to achieve rapid return function;
According to the process requirements can be achieved full or half-stroke operation;
There is a rake function, to achieve a reduced load or one-way scraper;
When the span is relatively large when the general use of synchronous motor, no climbing phenomenon;
The scraper plate is equipped with rubber plate and roller, scraping mud is completely reliable;
According to the nature of water, the residence time selection range is large (pool length range);
Applicable to a wide range of sewage plants, water plants, steel mills, power plants are applicable.
working principle
Truss type scraper is generally docked in the sedimentation tank outlet side, first start the drive walking reducer, scraper began to run into the water side of the scraper. When running to the inlet side, the trip switch on the truss touches the stroke and stops the reducer. The hoisting mechanism begins to lift the scraper to a certain height, the running reducer starts to run in the opposite direction, runs to the end point, stops the reducer running, the hoisting mechanism drops the scraper to the bottom (this is a working cycle), the scraper Waiting for the next work order, repeat the above work, so the cycle of the sludge and the surface of the scum of scouring. Sediment deposited in the mud pit through the sludge pump (if necessary to be required to explain) discharged from the pool, the upper dross installed in the sedimentation tank outlet side of the pipe set slag pipe (if necessary to be required to explain) discharge.
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