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XZXX Type Single(Double)Pipe Sediment Sucker by Center Transmission

XZXX Type Single(Double)Pipe Sediment Sucker by Center Transmission
XZXX-type center drive (double) pipe suction machine is generally used for large-scale sewage treatment works of the flow sedimentation tank, especially for the second sedimentation tank bottom of the activated sludge scraping and efflux.
Process is generally around the water, the surrounding water, the center of mud. Through the suction pipe will sink the sludge to the center of the pool, and then by the pool outside the sleeve mud to control the amount of mud (reflux ratio).
Its characteristics:
Peripheral water distribution through the hydraulic model test, the water tank and the water hole by uneven distribution design, cloth water evenly;
The center pier is designed with steel structure to reduce the difficulty of construction and ensure the precision of transmission.
Vertical suction pipe, a reasonable weight, smooth operation, reliable;
Adjustable water level and return ratio and control;
New transmission, high transmission torque and overload protection;
Set the mud pipe suction and scraper for the targeted design, sludge exhaust thoroughly.
working principle
The sewage at a certain flow rate through the pool around the variable cross-section into the tank with uneven distribution of the distribution pipe, under the action of the water pipe baffle to reduce the flow rate in the surrounding cloth under the action of the skirt so that the water from the pool to the pool The center of uniform water, water inertia and activated sludge settling in the bottom. Centrifugal drive in the center of the tank (double) The central drive of the suction pipe is driven by the center frame, the suction rack is rotated in the tank, and the suction pipe and the scraper plate are installed in parallel with the bottom , The sludge dissolved in the bottom of the pool under the action of the scraper into the center of the pit out of the pool; sedimentation in the bottom of the activated sludge in the pool outside the water pressure difference into the suction pipe, and into the center of mud The tank is discharged out of the pool. The surface of the skimming device will be scrapped scrapped scraper to the pool side of the row of slag in the discharge of the pool, the upper water around the dross baffle through the horizontal set of the water weir plate evenly into the sink, into the next process.
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