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Type XZBX Sediment Sucker by Peripheral Transmission

Type XZBX Sediment Sucker by Peripheral Transmission
XZBX type peripheral drive suction machine is generally used for large-scale sewage treatment project of the flow sedimentation tank, especially for the second sedimentation tank bottom of the activated sludge scraping and efflux.
Process is generally the center of the water, the surrounding water, the center of mud.
In the center of the pool body is generally equipped with the central pillar of the inlet pipe, the lower part of the column tube and the pool body into the water pipe connection, the mouth closed as the center bearing platform, wall around the hole open water. Most of the central pillars are reinforced concrete structures, and steel structures can also be used.
Its characteristics
Simple structure, light weight.
Saving operating costs, easy maintenance and management;
New type of transmission, easy installation, compact structure, high efficiency, light weight;
Can be equipped with torsion protection mechanism according to the requirements of the characteristics, when the torque value reaches the set value automatically alarm shutdown, safe and reliable;
The suction system relies on its own water pressure, no power source.
working principle
Sewage with a certain flow rate through the center of the steady flow into the sedimentation tank, with the flow rate decreases, the sewage in the activated sludge settling in the bottom, suction machine drive mechanism to promote the work of the bridge along the pool surface rotation, work bridge driven below the truss support Of the suction nozzle in the rotation, the role of the role of the suction pipe to the sludge suction sludge into the sump, through the U-tube siphon system will sink sludge in the sludge into the center mud tank (concrete structure) discharged from the pool And the scum floating on the surface of the water is collected by the skimming device installed in the water surface of the suction machine and discharged into the hopper tank. The top water crosses the scum baffle and flows into the lower step through the effluent weir plate to remove the sewage Mud and scum.
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