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Type XHJX Sediment Sucker by Truss

Type XHJX Sediment Sucker by Truss
XHJX type truss type suction machine is generally used for sewage treatment works, water supply and drainage works such as advection sedimentation pool. One end of the porous wall of the water, the other end of the sink water, suction machine in the punt pool flow around the row of sewage sludge, compared with the suction machine, its advantage is sucked sludge (fine particle size, difficult to precipitate) , But the sludge moisture content is high.
Sludge was directly discharged to the pool, to avoid the process of sludge displacement, reducing the sludge interference phenomenon, the upper part of the sedimentation tank installed inclined plate or inclined tube, making the sludge precipitation better, the upper clear water more clear.
Its characteristics:
The use of sludge pump suction mud, suction, sludge clean and thorough;
Smooth walking, long distance walking without climbing track phenomenon;
Function can be extended, can be made dual-use pump, and can be set backwash or no clogging pump to prevent clogging. PLC control can achieve full or half full automatic operation, can also be equipped with turbidity instrument to achieve intelligent control;
On the very fine sludge (particles less than 0.1mm) suction effect is more prominent;
Can be designed according to user requirements to set the amount of sludge to save water;
Suction Tsui and scraper with the use of mud suction effect is better, can effectively remove the bottom of a variety of sediment.
working principle
Pump suction suction machine generally docked at one end of the sedimentation tank, start the submersible sewage pump, to be stable after the sludge, start the truss drive motor so that the suction pipe along the rails (to the other end), touch return When the trip switch, the drive motor to stop and then reverse operation, the suction machine began to return to run the sludge, when running to the initial position, touch the trip switch, suction machine to stop, while closing the submersible sewage pump, sludge is stopped, Thus completing a sludge discharge cycle, waiting for the next order.
The above is a sludge discharge cycle, waiting for the set time (0-24 hours) the suction machine automatically performs a second sludge cycle, the waiting time between each cycle is determined by the process needs.
In view of the characteristics of the sedimentation capacity of the sedimentation tank, the operation mode of the suction machine can be set as the first half of the stroke, and then the whole sludge is taken into the process. Operation mode to meet the sludge removal process needs.
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