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Type XBJ、XGJ、XJJ Mechanical Accelerated Agitator,Scraper for Setting

Type XBJ、XGJ、XJJ Mechanical Accelerated Agitator,Scraper for Setting Tank
Mechanical mixing clarifier is a sludge-type pond, the raw water in the circulation of sludge through the mixing plate and mechanical impeller mixing and lifting, can be fully mixed with the liquid reaction to improve the clarification effect. The entire pond consists of a first reaction chamber, a second reaction chamber and a sludge separation chamber. After the separation of the sludge in the separation chamber, a part of the sediment sludge is discharged from the mud tank in the separation chamber. The other part enters the first reaction chamber through the return pipe, the heavier sludge settles at the bottom, And out of the pool. The remaining sludge with the impeller to enhance the cycle after the return to form a dynamic balance.
working principle
Accelerated clarifier mixing scraper for the acceleration of the water supply project clarification pool, has joined the coagulant of the raw water mixture and the clarification tank of the activated sludge through the role of the mixer to enhance the role of sludge back and contact reaction, forming a larger The flocculation is separated by a separation chamber, and the remaining sludge is scraped from the scraper to the plumbing bucket and discharged through the hydrostatic pressure. The upper part of the water is collected and discharged out of the pool by the annular sump installed at the top of the pool to reach the mud Separate clarification effect.
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