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Type XXCQ High Efficiency Sediment Trap

Type XXCQ High Efficiency Sediment Trap
High-efficiency swash plate settler is a kind of technically advanced solid-liquid separation equipment, which is divided into three kinds of reverse flow, lateral flow and co-directional flow according to the direction of water flow. The device is equipped with a number of smaller parallel inclined plate or smaller diameter parallel inclined tube precipitation device to improve the precipitation effect and water yield, especially for the removal of dispersible particles is particularly significant.
1. The efficient removal of the effect, and thus the required area for the general traditional sedimentation tank about 30%
2. The equipment for the set of equipment, all the factory production, and thus easy to install, can effectively save the duration
3. Maintenance and cleaning is simple
4. mud can automatically fall into the slag, easy to mud, reducing the slaughter of labor intensity
working principle:
Wastewater from the inlet pipe into the pool, down through the pool in the middle of the water chamber, reflected by the baffle, and then through the inside of the inlet into the ramp. As the solution flows upward, the solid particles are precipitated on the parallel swash plate assembly and then slid into the sludge bucket at the bottom of the tank. The sludge is concentrated and discharged through the sludge outlet. And its clear liquid from the ramp through the top of the outlet channel outflow, and then through the adjustable out of the weir flow, from the outlet pipe out.
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