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Type XJYG Oil-Collecting Pipe(Dreg-Skimmer Pipe)

Type XJYG Oil-Collecting Pipe(Dreg-Skimmer Pipe)
XJYG type is mainly used to collect oil on the surface of the oil, scum, foam and other floating objects, generally installed in the grease trap or advection sedimentation tank, parallel to the end of the floating pool (downstream). Open the drain of the oil pipe can be rotated around the axis, the gap immersed in the water surface, the oil automatically into the tube with the flow, and then flow to the pool.
General as a scraping equipment supporting products, usually with scraping scraping scraping machine, chain plate scraping scrap (foam) machine, truss scraper, plain air flotation and other equipment supporting the use.
The use of two-link structure of a smooth, effort.
Weir straight, overflow evenly.
The liquid level changes slightly and does not affect the use of the effect.
Simple structure, high rigidity, easy installation and use.
working principle
Actuator drive mechanism to drive the oil collector for rotary motion, the pool surface of the scum or oil into the oil tank, drain out of the pool.
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