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Type XPY Oil Skimmer(With)

Type XPY Oil Skimmer(With)
Belt skimmer is mainly used for the recovery of waste water in various processes. It is especially suitable for the collection of waste oil in metallurgical, mechanical processing, chemical and other industries.
Its characteristics:
? The use of speed motor drive, according to the amount of water to adjust the oil skim speed.
The length of the skim can be set according to the requirements of the pool.
The oil content of the scraped oil is low and the recycling is easy.
Applicability is strong, compact structure, easy operation and so on.

working principle
The use of a belt to recover the oil spill. The operation of the belt will be attached to the surface of the oil spill, through the blade will be oil into the oil sump, and then to the storage device.


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