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Type XGSG wire rope traction mud scraper


Type XGSG wire rope traction mud scraper

XGSG wire rope traction scraper is mainly used in advection sedimentation tank, used to scratch the bottom of the sludge sedimentation. With less investment, easy installation and other characteristics, is an ideal sedimentation tank scraper equipment.
1. It is applicable to the sludge removal of the inclined plate (pipe) advection sedimentation tank, reduces the cost of infrastructure, reduces the loss of water and reduces the difficulty and expense of operation.
2. Strong adaptability to changes in water quality, with a strong ability to slash mud, high mud removal efficiency;
3. Simple structure, easy operation, easy to achieve automatic control;
4. Run smooth and reliable, no deviation of the phenomenon, the amount of small, only in the replacement of the ramp (tube) to do routine maintenance;
working principle
The reducer drives the wire rope roller for positive and negative rotation, and the wire rope drags the underwater scraper to move back and forth. The scraper plate installed under the scraper takes the sink sediment into the puddle at both ends of the pool. Mud in the mud through the submersible sewage pump or its own hydrostatic pressure discharged from the pool, so as to achieve the role of clearing the bottom of the sediment sludge.
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