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Type XDGG monorail mud scraper

Type XDGG monorail mud scraper
XDGG monorail scraper suitable for large-scale water plant advection sediment pool and other facilities of the mud, not only can save land, improve water quality, but also to achieve the purpose of energy conservation. So that the sludge at the bottom of the puddle is blown from the effluent area into the water inlet area, and finally the equipment discharged into the pits of the influent area is concentrated.
Its characteristics:
Energy conservation;
Saving land
Improve the quality of precipitation;
For the old water plant renovation, can increase about 50% of the water.
working principle
Underwater scraper installed in the advection of the bottom of the pool, the middle of the pond in the middle of the laying of a long track with the sedimentation tank, two wings scraper installed in the track on top of the trolley, the top of the pool drive Circle chain movement, ring chain drag the trolley (scraper) along the track forward or backward. Scraper scraper, the scraper set up perpendicular to the bottom of the pool, the bottom of the sludge to the set of pits concentrated discharge; back (return), the scraper flip parallel to the bottom of the run. The edges of the scraper and the bottom and both sides are rubber plates to ensure that the scraper has a relatively small gap or a slight local soft contact with the wall.
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