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Type XGYZ Oil Wiper and Dross Scraper

Type XGYZ Oil Wiper and Dross Scraper
Scraping scraper is mainly used in oil refineries, steel circulating water turbid water treatment system in the advection sedimentation tank, used to remove the turbid oil in the oil and the proportion of larger sediment, is a heavy oil degreasing equipment.
The equipment and the use of oil, grab, mud and other auxiliary equipment with the use of equipment, in order to separate the surface of the oil residue and sediment to complete the initial purification treatment.
Hinged scraping arm can be automatically layered scraping set, no stuck;
The use of variable speed drive to achieve rapid return function;
According to different requirements can be implemented full or half-way sub-file operation;
There is a rake function, to achieve a reduced load or one-way scraper;
When the span is large, two synchronous motor drives are used, and the operation is smooth.
The scraper plate is equipped with rubber plate and positioning roller, scraping mud is completely reliable.
    2, the working principle
Scraping scrapping machine generally docked in the pool of water side.
Open the scraper scraper machine walking mechanism, scraping scraping scraping machine along the track forward (toward the direction of the water inlet), began to scraper, when the scraping residue to the terminal, the travel mechanism to touch the trip switch, the walking organization is to stop working, Lifting mechanism began to raise scraping rake, down the rake rake, scraping scraping rake raised in place, the squeegee plate also fell in place (immersed underwater about 100mm), the walking mechanism began to walk in the opposite direction, scraping oil began to scratch, The oil is sent to the drain tank (or tubing). When the oil is reached at the end, the walking mechanism touches the travel switch, the running mechanism stops working, the scraper rake starts to drop, and the squeegee plate rises at the same time. After scraping the rake down in place, the scraping scraping machine waits for the next scrap )command.
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