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Type XDNDY belt condense dehydration all-in-one

Type XDNDY belt condense dehydration all-in-one
It is suitable for sludge dewatering in the wastewater treatment plant, water treatment plant, water treatment, dyeing, leather, chemical industry, slaughtering, pharmacy, electroplating, metallurgy, building materials, brewing and food industry.
    1. Compact structure, nice appearance.
    2. Large amount of treatment, high solid capture rate.
    3. Automatic control, operating intensity is very low, reliable operation.
    4. Small footprint, continuous work, the noise is small.
working principle
1, the sludge into the belt with a belt dehydration before the machine, through the flocculant preparation dosing system will be high polymer flocculant into the mixing reaction tank.
2, in the mixing reaction tank, the sludge and the polymer flocculant are thoroughly mixed by stirring, the sludge is rapidly condensed from the fine particles into large particles and forms a large floc of the network structure, and then enters the slow rotation pre-dehydration Take on. During the process where the sludge is transported to the end of the concentrate zone, most of the free water is released through the filter cloth to achieve a concentration effect, and the effluent is collected by the filter tank and separated from the solid sludge.
3, pre-dehydrated sludge from the ramp to slide the upper filter belt filter, and then transferred to the lower filter belt. Between the upper and lower filter belts, the sludge is further dewatered after the gradual pressurization and shearing forces. After the dewatered sludge is discharged outside the machine, the formation of mud cake, transported by the conveyor to the sludge storage area.
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