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XLSG High Efficiency Sand Filter

XLSG High Efficiency Sand Filter
XLSG series of efficient flow sand filter, is an innovative design unique high-tech environmentally friendly products. This filter can effectively remove suspended solids and colloids from raw water (or waste water). In the water treatment and sewage purification, through the sand bed filter to remove solid suspended solids and other impurities is the most cost-effective solution. The filter equipment cleverly filter and sand washing process in different parts at the same time alone, without the need to configure the pool and high-power backwash water pump, so that the filter operation to continuous and stable operation. The entire filtration process, the filter (sand) downward circulation, while the raw water is upward flow, so that raw water and quartz sand full contact, trapping suspended material. It has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, low energy consumption and simple operation, and can be widely used in various water treatment processes.
Features that can be run continuously without the need for specialized backwashing equipment.
Unique cleaning device only a small amount of cleaning water (filtered water) will be able to achieve a complete filter cleaning effect.
The operation is flexible and convenient, free to adjust the air delivery and pressure.
A special conical sand distributor makes the sand in the filter bed evenly drop, does not appear filter plug phenomenon, so that the filter is always kept clean, improve the filtration efficiency.
Low operating costs, power consumption only the original water pump and air compressor.
System structure and configuration is simple, easy to install, easy to install, can be carried out without maintenance, maintenance work very little.
working principle
1, the water to be treated flows from the water distributor at the bottom of the equipment, flows up through the filter bed and is then filtered out by the top of the filtrate outlet.
2, containing the treatment of impurities from the equipment at the bottom of the cone was raised to the top of the sand washing device.
3, sand cleaning in the pump has already begun, in the turbulent mixing impurities from the sand separated. The dirty sand overflows from the pump's outlet and enters the sandwiches of the sandwiches where the sand is rinsed with a small flow of fresh water, the impurities are discharged through the sand washing outlet, and the cleaned sand particles (heavier) are returned to the sand bed The
4, the result is a sand bed in the equipment continue to do slow subsidence movement. The pump is supplied with compressed air through the control panel.
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