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XZL Rotary Disc Type Filter

XZL Rotary Disc Type Filter
XZL2200 rotary disc microfilter is mainly used for the deep treatment of wastewater, such as the upgrading of the sewage plant (which can make the water SS≤10mg / L), power plant, steel cooling water recycling, paper, printing and dyeing and other industrial water treatment.
Raw water can be used tubular or duct gravity gravity flow, and within the way into the way, for water filter, no additional clear water pool, relatively small footprint, less civil construction investment
Filter cloth selection of health-grade, non-toxic, non-polluting, anti-algae environment-friendly stainless steel 316Ti woven cloth, filter cloth gap is defined precisely, the regeneration rate is high, free water free area, tensile strength, high degree of deformation, 15 years.
The rotation of the device is periodic, in the process of filtering the device is generally in a quiescent state, when the filter inside the filter side of the small resistance to increase the formation of water flow differential pressure, the device rotation and backwash, differential pressure elimination, the device is Static state of the filter, the device rotation backwash water filter process is not interrupted.
As the raw water is completely into the dial filter microfiltration filter, the filter is collected clean filter solution, the filter does not need to run during the cycle of sewage, no pollution control operation requirements, operation and management is very simple.
The application of the filter solution for periodic backwashing, backwashing consumption of water less efficient, and the system of small sewage, dirt cleaning, discharge does not affect the raw water and filtered water quality and water.
Each microfilter flush water device inlet only need to set an inlet electric gate.
The filter cloth on each disc is stretched on a fan-shaped bracket by means of a tightening jig. Since the tensile strength of the stainless steel cloth is very high, the expansion and contraction coefficient is small, the effect of the external flushing hydraulic force and the change of the atmospheric temperature of the water temperature is defined Filter cloth mesh number will not change, filter cloth mechanical aging process is very slow, can adapt to outdoor long-term continuous use of running, water quality and stability.
The device to replace the turntable, no need to drain the pool of water, as long as the need to replace the disc, go to the liquid level, you can replace the disc, the replacement of the new disc to keep with the original spray bar The gap can be, interchangeability is very strong, easy maintenance, spare parts less variety, the number of small.
The main drive motor and flush pump are less power consuming.
The device is all stainless steel structure, and by the overall pickling passivation treatment, anti-corrosion anti-aging performance, long service life.
Fully automatic operation, less control points, simple and safe operation and management.
Reasonable cost, low operating costs.
working principle
The turntable microfiltration process is based on a proven and very effective drum filter, which consists of a series of horizontally mounted, rotatable filter turntables mounted on the central tube shaft. Maximum water immersion volume of up to 60%. Each turntable is made of a single stainless steel filter assembly. The stainless steel mesh is wrapped on the component, and the treated effluent is filtered from the inside to the outside and the filtered liquid is discharged from the mechanical end. In the filter, the turntable is in a quiescent state. Under the action of gravity, solid matter is deposited on the screen, and as the filtration time is prolonged, the mesh fabric is covered by the retained solid matter. This phenomenon will lead to a rise in pressure. After reaching the preset maximum pressure difference, the turntable starts to rotate slowly, and the solid material deposited on the screen can be cleaned by the rinsing bar. The pump directs the filtered sewage directly to the nozzle to provide flushing water. Rinse the dissolved solids of the jet, which will be rinsed out of the tank by means of a collection effluent tank installed below the assembly. This cleanup process does not interrupt the filtering process.
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