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Type XFHG Counter Seizing Grate Cleaner

Type XFHG Counter Seizing Grate Cleaner
XFHG grille decontamination machine is generally used as a medium and coarse grinder, which is an improved alternative to rotary grille decontamination.
XFHG grille decontamination machine is widely used in water supply, drainage, municipal, water and other projects before the water intake or pumping station, especially the larger sediment deposition occasions, the role of fishing for the larger floating water (Such as: branches, snakeskin bags, animal dead bodies, etc.), to ensure the sustainable operation of the subsequent process equipment.
I produced the XFHG-type grille has passed the relevant departments to test qualified, certificate number: YJ1090065. Inspection basis: HJ / T262-2006 "Environmental protection products technical requirements grille decontamination machine".
Its characteristics:
There are two kinds of mechanical and electrical overload protection device, safe and reliable operation;
Through the run track changes to complete the slag, the effect is good;
Grid grille specifications and diverse, to meet the requirements of different processes;
Tooth rake high strength, stainless steel material;
After the overall commissioning of the factory, easy to install.
working principle
The rake is fixed on the chain, the chain runs along the guide rail, the rake runs down from the rear of the bar, runs from the bottom to the front of the bar, and the floating objects from the bottom up will be stopped by the barrier Slag mouth, unloaded into the slag car.
Control system to implement automatic control, according to the time automatically from the stop, or according to the gate after the water level difference between the use of water level difference automatically run, the torque will be timely alarm and immediately stop automatically. Work under unattended.
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