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Type XFZ、XYZ Cast-Iron Bronze-Inlaid Gate,Sliding Gate

Cast iron with copper gate
 Cast iron gates are common control devices in fluid delivery systems.
Applicable to water supply, drainage, municipal, water and other projects of the water intake, pool, sink, diversion canal, the main role: control fluid on and off; adjust the flow or water level.
I produced a variety of cast iron gate. Cast iron gate is made of gray cast iron (or ductile iron) as the main material, with corrosion resistance, good water effect, simple installation, long service life and other advantages;
Cast iron gate water stop with one-way water, two-way stop in two forms to meet the needs of different conditions. Stopping the use of precision processing of bronze hard seal water seal, small friction. Wear and sealing effect is good.
The shape of the cast iron side gate, cast iron round gate, two-way water gate, two-way stop water gate, etc., open and close the form is divided into the pole and the dark bar.
Its characteristics:
The flow of water within the path of no resistance, almost no water loss;
The main material for the gray cast iron (or ductile iron) through the internal stress to eliminate, durable, no deformation;
Structural strength for different water pressure may be, wide applicability, economic and durable;
The use of grinding bronze hard seal water sealing surface, small friction, wear and sealing effect is good;
All forms of structure, suitable for a variety of holes or channels to install the use.
working principle
Manual or flashlight dual-use hoist to drive the opening and closing nut rotation, under the action of the trapezoidal thread to drive the gate up and down the door to run, to cut off or clear the role of water.
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