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Type XZ Serial Steel Gates

Type XZ Serial Steel Gates
Steel gate with rubber soft seal, with a light weight, flexible operation, easy installation and maintenance, reliable sealing and so on.
Mainly used for water supply and drainage, flood control, irrigation, water conservancy, hydropower projects. In the water supply and drainage works are mainly used for channels, pipeline mouth and intersection Yinjing, grit chamber, sedimentation tank, pump station inlet, clean pool, disinfection pool. The main purpose is: to control the fluid off; adjust the flow.
Light weight: about 1/3 weight of cast iron gate;
Good sealing: the use of rubber on the metal seal, good sealing performance;
Low torque: As the gate light weight, gate and rail and rubber seal friction resistance is small, so the operating torque is small;
Seal surface wear is very small, long service life;
Gate frame and embedded parts after welding fixed, sealed by the secondary concrete, easy to install and reliable.
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