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Type XM Cast-Iron Tide Gate,Flapper Gate and Floating Ponton Flapper Gate

Type XM Cast-Iron Tide Gate,Flapper Gate and Floating Ponton Flapper Gate
The door is suitable for all kinds of pipes and waterway outlets for water supply and drainage and sewerage works. It can also be used as a kind of vertical shaft cover. It is used only for the outlet of one-way water flow.
The door is divided into two kinds of weight and floating box, which with heavy-duty door and sub-front with heavy and accessories with weight.
The door has a function of a positive direction of the flow path and a reverse opening. The weight of the door with the balance of counterweight role in the role of the flow of the door automatically open or close, or a little external force to make the door open or closed; floating box door is the use of doors in the installation process In the weight of the proportion of slightly larger than the water, under the action of the pressure to achieve the effect of automatic opening or closing.
Its characteristics:
XFPM type door in the water slightly larger than the water, open the head is minimal.
Installation is mostly flange structure, easy to install.
No power on and off.
working principle
The bucket door (floating box type) is usually installed in the communication port of the two communication pool, when the water inside the door when the door is high, the door in the water pressure (buoyancy) automatically open the drainage, when the inner water level after the automatic reset, Thus ensuring that the inside of the water level is limited to a certain height. The use of hollow single floating plate, the valve plate design for the principle of fluid mechanics, the use of hollow structure, the use of buoyancy law to make the valve plate "floating board", when the valve is completely immersed in water, the valve plate weight is almost zero.
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