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Type XTY Serial Adjusting Weir-Gate



Type XTY Serial Adjusting Weir-Gate
Adjust the weir gate is usually installed in the upper part of the pool, used to adjust the level of the water level, such as aeration tank, with wells or slag mouth and so on.
Small hole (B <2000) class, generally use XTY-type cast iron straight weir door, which can be completely closed;
In the large hole (B> 2000) class, the general use of XTYZ steel direct weir door, and should use double hanging point opening and closing;
The general width is greater than 2000, the adjustment range is not large, and before and after the operation space of the occasion, you can use three times the water XTYX rotation weir door, the installation structure is divided into two types of pool and pool.
Its characteristics:
XTY-type cast iron direct adjustment weir gate, the type of structure and cast iron gates similar to the gate, but also for the form of hard water, the difference is that the open mode for the next open;
XTYZ-type steel direct adjustment of the weir gate, rubber soft water for the form of space before and after the operation is very small, the work form and XTY similar, but also for the next open;
XTYX-type rotation adjustment weir door for the three-sided rubber soft water form, working for the drive shaft to drive the door around the bottom of the horizontal axis of rotation, in order to achieve the purpose of regulating the water level and flow.
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