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Type XZG Inner Forwarding Drum Bar Rack Cleaner

Type XZG Inner Forwarding Drum Bar Rack Cleaner
(Also known as drum-type fine grille) for the all-in-one machine, set interception, drum decontamination (constant pressure water rinse), spiral lift, press the four functions of dehydration, is a A new type of efficient grid decontamination machine. Therefore, the type of grille is widely used in the small gap requirements (0.5 ~ 12mm), shallow depth of drainage (generally less than 3000mm) in the sewage treatment works, remove the water floating objects, broken fibers and other impurities.
Its characteristics:
Clean the residue thoroughly. High separation efficiency;
Set multi-function in one, compact structure, take up less space;
Large filtration area, small hydraulic loss;
Easy maintenance, long service life.
working principle
Drum-shaped grille, is the pretreatment integration device, sewage flows through the basket, the water flow phenomenon, so that the water scum, sediment and suspended solids can be active and fully separated, through the drum and drum welding One of the role of the formation of dirt, the garbage was set to bring out the dirt, relying on self-weight and pressure of water rinse automatically into the spiral groove. At the same time, there is a nylon brush and a flush nozzle, and the fine slag which can not be peeled off is also flushed into the spiral groove arranged in the grille and passed through the screw in the groove to complete the transportation, dehydration, And transported to the upper outlet outlet.
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