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Type XXQ Circulation Toothed Harrow Mud Cleaner

Type XXQ Circulation Toothed Harrow Mud Cleaner
XXQ-type cleaners (commonly known as solid-liquid separator) is my company and Shanghai Tongji University jointly developed the second generation of grille products, generally used for small lift pump or municipal sewage plant in the fine grid grit chamber The
I produced the XXQ-type grille has been qualified by the relevant departments, qualified certificate number: YJ1090063. Inspection basis: HJ / T250-2006 "Environmental protection products technical requirements Rotary fine grille".
Its characteristics:
No grating, by a number of small rake teeth connected to form a huge rotating surface, fishing residue thoroughly;
There is overload protection device, reliable operation;
Through the run track changes to complete the slag, and equipped with rake tooth cleaning mechanism, good slag removal effect;
The rake teeth have a wide range of specifications, with a minimum of 3 mm.
The high strength of the rake teeth, nylon and stainless steel two kinds of materials to choose from;
Supply machine, easy to install, easy maintenance.
working principle
Rake teeth on both sides of the drive chain driven by the rake from the bottom up the entire width of the channel within the range of dirt up to reach the upper, through the guide and sprocket steering function to complete the unloading, adhesion on the rake The dirt is scraped by the scraper.
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